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The Phantom Menace by Killfaeh The Phantom Menace by Killfaeh
Just a little inspired by this poster : [link]

Available on Tumblr too ! [link]
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Makosharkman Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013
was this before or after he ran away from home?
Killfaeh Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
Before. He was still a cute and innocent boy. ^^ 
Makosharkman Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013

totally so sad how could anyone put a fun loving little boy through all that.

also just curious do you take request?

Killfaeh Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013

I never took request. But why not ? There is a first time for all things. ^^ 

Do you have an idea ? (Just no porn and no snake =P )

Makosharkman Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013

your speaking my language Pale.

anyway here is what I wanted you to draw could you draw Noatak and Tarrlock in in the sprit World after they have died and they are reverted back to children and they can either be wearing what they wore when they died or they could be wearing there Northern Water Tribe outfits and they are greated buy Avatar Aang who takes them under his wing to make up for ruining there lives.

also could you draw young Noatak settling down in the Southern Water Tribe after he ran away from home and the drawing could be called Where Noatak Should Have Went After He Ran Away From Home.

and could you draw Ozai and Iroh at Zuko age?

also just curious do you draw pictures base on fanfictions because I was wondering if you could draw a picture base on a fanfiction I am writing about Zhao childhood?  

Killfaeh Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013

Young Noatak and Tarrlock with Aang, young Noatak in Southern Water Tribe and young Ozai and Iroh. 

Okay, I can do that. ^^ 

Pictures based on fanfictions ? Why not. I’m going draw the other pictures before. ^^ 

Don’t hesitate to get on to me again if I don’t give news during a long time. My attention is a little divided. x)

Makosharkman Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013

great which one are you going to draw next?

great I am writing a fanfiction about Zhao childhood I am not done yet but I can tell you what its about.

 and here is what my Fanfiction of Zhao past is about.

it happen somewhere in the EarthKingdom Zhao is only six seven or eight years old and his working in the stables Zhao Father who name is Toran is a liutenant in the army serving under Admirl Kuzon Aang old friend who is now a Admirl in the Fire Nation Army Zhao mother died giving birth to Zhao which not just toar Toran apart but also made him lose his sanity, reasoning and of course his mind and took his anger out on Zhao saying it was his fault which wasn't true one Night Admilr Kuzon catches Toran beathing up Zhao Kuzon stops Toran and has Zhao taken away from Toran Kuzon lets Zhao sleep in his quarters and heal his wounds from his dad and acts more like Surragant Father to Zhao Kuzon rescues him but Toran gets jelous and furious and trys to act like that Father he should but Zhao is just errfid of him and one night one of Kuzon solders tells him Toran hang himself in his tent Zhao horrifide and sad then at the end of the Year Kuzon retires and adopts Zhao and takes him back to the Fire Nation and raises him as his own son he lived a very happy childhood with Kuzon and his family and Kuzon ennroled him in the Fire Nation School Aang enrolled in and made alot of friends when Zhao turn 16 he join the army and wanted to follow Kuzon footsteps because Kuzon was like a Idol to Zhao but like Zuko Zhao lost himslef getting there and forgoten who he was.

and here is what you could draw from it.

and just to let you know I wrote a scene where Zhao as a child has nigmares of the Water hand grabing him and taking him under water at the Northpole like it hdid in the show and when he wakes up Kuzon just comes over to Zhao side and comferts him for the rest of the knight or you could draw Kuzon stoping Toran from Hurting Zhao or you could draw kuzon adopting Zhao or The Ghost of Zhao mother coming to see him aftert Kuzon brings him home or draw the Ghost of Zhao mother visiting Kuzon and thanking him for taking care of her little boy or Zhao dreaming seeing his mother in a forest or you could draw Kuzon tucking Zhao in bed or Kuzon sitting in the Living of his house ona soft red or brown Couch and little Zhao is sitting on his lap and Kuzon has his arms wrap around the boy chest and stomach like he is giving the boy a big bear Huge or I even wrote where Zhao has Nightmares of a monster coming out of his closet to kidnap him if you wanted to draw that but if you dont want to you dont have to.

so what do you think?

gunslingergal Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012
Very nice!
SavageNeme Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
Excellent ! Encore une petite réf' à SW !
xXNike-KovadrinXx Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Student General Artist
Beautifully done!
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